Agni Ministries Inc Trust
It is a sister concern Trust of "Evangelical Action Team of India". The vision is to see people come to know God, experience life and minister with Jesus. Bringing the good news of the gospel that is culturally relevant to this generation.
Six Areas of Agni Ministries
  1. Preaching the Gospel to the non-christians.
  2. Conducting Seminars and short term courses to train Pastors and the lay people to witness.
  3. Teaching in Bible schools and colleges on invitation specializing in Indian religion and evangelism.
  4. Church planting and oversight.
  5. Publication of monthly magazine 'Agni'
  6. Publication of books, Audio, VCD, and DVD.
Programme Activity Aim
Evangelism Preaching the Gospel Targeting unbelievers through ancient Indian writings.
Pastor's Volunteer Programme Seminars and short term courses Conducting seminars and short term courses to train Pastors and the lay people to witness.
Indian Institute of Cross Cultural Communication Teaching in Bible Schools and Colleges specializing in Indian religions and Evangelism. To place students and young graduates and chanllenge them to consider long term ministry.
Church Planting House Churches, Cell Groups To plant Churches, Cell Groups within India.
Publication Agni Magazine, Listeratures, Audio and Video Cassettes, Booklets and Newsletter. To reach the unbelivers through ancient literatures.
Service Dissemination of Information To give the total picture of what is happening in India and faciliate partnership.
We invite you to partner with us in the great task that lies before us.
We need your earnest prayers to uphold our ministry. Please write or email us to know more about how to reach the unbelievers and also we have several audio tapes which will give you a clear understanding of the comparative study of Hinduism and Christianity and more literatures as well. You can have them all at a reasonable rates.